Construction Area

Topographic Survey & Geotechnical Investigation of Beaumont Commercial Complex


MR Engineering was retained by it’s client to conduct a topographic survey for construction of a Commercial Complex along the Beaumont 50th Street. The objective of this survey was to record the elevations at different points at 5 meter interval and determine the natural slope of the land for future design & development purpose.

MR Engineering was also involved in the geotechnical investigation to determine the soil conditions for the construction. Soil summary report is required to understand the preliminary foundation requirements for the building. The scope of work for the geotechnical investigation involved field investigation, laboratory testing, comprehensive report with recommendation. A total of 4 Boreholes were conducted of 9m depth. Beaumont Commercial Complex is still under construction and is expected to be completed by 2019.

Project Location:
5302 - 50 Street Beaumont, AB

Scope of Work:
Topographic Survey
Geotechnical Investigation