Construction Monitoring & Inspections

Construction monitoring is an independent verification process to determine that the works have been completed in accordance with specified guidance, specification and requirements. Over the years, MR Engineering has provided construction monitoring services to several residential, commercial and industrial projects with the following scope of work:

  • Construction Monitoring & Inspection of Foundation (Piles, Footings, Caissons & Mat Foundations)
  • Excavation Monitoring & Inspection
  • Backfill Material Inspection & Testing
  • Slope Inspection & Test Pitting
  • Monitoring Site Grading Operations
  • Monitoring of Soil, Concrete & Asphalt Placement
  • Monitoring of Frost Depth & Ground Water Fluctuation
  • Rebar & Form Inspection
  • Inspection of Structural Steel
  • Inspection of Wall System / Window
  • QA/QC & Project Coordination
  • Preparation of Construction Report