Legal Survey

Legal surveys are surveys that are planned, directed and conducted by professional land surveyors as per jurisdiction to determine and interpret the location of boundaries, structures and other natural or man-made features on, over or under the surface of the earth.

Be it a construction company, homeowner, builder, realtor or real estate lawyer, exceeding customer expectations is our top strategic priority. When it comes to Legal Surveys, MR Engineering offers the following services:

Legal Survey - Residential:

  • Real Property Report (RPR)
  • Plot Plan
  • Demolition Plot Plan
  • Block Face Plan
  • Construction Stake-out
  • Property Line Stake-Out/Retracement
  • Fence Line Stake-Out/Retracement
  • Garage/Parking Pad Stake-Out
  • Dirt Balance Survey at time of Stake-Out
  • Centre Wall Location Survey [Multi Family]
  • Infill New Home Development
  • Rural/Estate Home Construction Survey

Legal Survey - Commercial:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Construction Surveying Layout
  • Boundary/Cadastral Survey
  • As-Built/Topographical/ROW Survey
  • Commercial Real Property Report
  • Site Specific Control Survey
  • Pile, Gridline and Anchor Bolt Survey
  • Plant Control/Engineering Survey
  • Lease Areas/Site Grading
  • Pipe Locating Survey
  • Volume Measurement/Calculation