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Company Profile

MR Engineering offers a breadth of multi-discipline professional services that accounts for design, engineering, procurement and support services for all facets of industry. This is a Canadian based company, stationed in Edmonton, Alberta. We emphasis on safety, creativity and sustainability in our everyday performance to cultivate design excellence and setting a high standard in meeting customer expectations. Our office is fully licensed to extend service to the clients of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Our corporate structure is tiered to serve the sector of residential, commercial and industrial units. Rendering consulting service is a complex and continuous process. In our office, we cultivate the culture of equal importance for every project, be it a small, medium or a large sized. Our expert team integrates client participation in each cycle of the project. We have multiplied in growth every year since our inception. It is the commitment to deliver projects on schedule and within budget that has made us a reliable consulting partner and till to date, we have formed alliance with a number of builders, landscapers, renovation and construction companies.