Foundation Design & Pile Installation

This project included the re-construction of slab on grade (6.00 mX6.00 m) inside FD & B Feed building (Grid line between E to F and 7 to 8) at Swan Hills Treatment Center, Swan Hills, Alberta.
The scope of work:

  • Design pile foundation for new concrete slab based on geotechnical investigation report.
  • Design new slab with re-bar and pile foundation.
  • Saw cut, demolish and remove the existing concrete from the site for re-cycling.
  • Supply and install piles and piles caps as per design drawings prepared and stamped by MR Engineering Ltd.
  • Supply and install all materials (concrete, re-bar, forms, and other required materials), tools, equipment, labors and logistics to build a new concrete pad inside FD & B feed building as per the new design drawings prepared and stamped by MR Engineering Ltd.
  • Remove forms and clean all related debris off site.
  • Construction monitoring, material testing for compaction and concrete test.
  • Construction management


Item Of Work

Item Of Work:
Foundation design
Saw cut, demolition and removal of
existing damaged slab
Pile installation
Form work and re-bar preparation
Concrete pour
Form work removal and clean up