Fabrication Shop Drawing Preparation

MR Engineering has a team of expert detailers, draftsmen and 3D modellers who deliver industry standard shop drawings for steel fabricators and erectors. The areas of our expertise are provided below:

Erection Drawings

We offer wide rage of erection drawing services to construction industry anywhere in Canada. Having skilled and specialized team of detailers, we can provide best quality erection drawings using Tekla and AutoCAD. We understand that erection drawings are the key element to ensure a smooth erection process. Prior to finalizing the erection drawings, hence, our structural engineers focusing on shop drawings check every minute detail on the erection drawings. This ensures that the erection drawings used to fabricate different components of a steel structure contain accurate and adequate information. Typical erection drawings detail we offer are as follows:

  • Anchor Bolt Layouts
  • Steel Framing Layouts
  • Elevations of Structures
  • Section Details
  • Connection Details
  • Stairs and Elevators

Assembly Drawings

Our expert detailers can provide assembly drawings in all type of structures. These assembly drawings show which steel parts to relate to beam, column, diaphragms and so on. Additional information is shown on the assembly drawings including part number, list of part and material which is known as Bill of Material (BOM). Our assembly drawings include:

  • Anchor Setting Plan
  • Beam, column and diaphragm assembly drawings
  • Connection Details (Weld, Bolt, or Rivet)

Part Drawings

We also provide part drawings to customers with dimensions and part number which the fabricators then use to fabricate the parts. Similar to the assembly drawings, the part drawings show the BOM to recognise the quantity of parts and the weight of parts for shipping and handling. This information on the drawings helps fabricators to plan and manage a flawless fabrication process. There are no limits for the creation of part drawings and few examples of part drawings types are shown below:

  • Angle
  • Gusset plates
  • Splice plates
  • Channel
  • Knife plates
  • Bent plates