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Tenant improvement commonly refers to the interior changes made within the commercial or industrial property but not the changes made on base building. Tenant improvement can be carried out by the owner or tenant; however, the tenant must pay out the money required for the improvement as per the contract agreement. According to the tenant’s requirement, tenant improvement is done for office, restaurant, clinic, warehouse, spa, retail and manufacturing facility. MR Engineering has a diverse group of engineers with expertise and experience in tenant improvement of any type of commercial and industrial space. For tenant improvement, we can offer a blueprint, structural, electrical and mechanical design under one umbrella.

1) Blueprint Design:

Each business requires an office to be aesthetically pleasant to suit the company and employee need. Hence, we try to work closely with the client to understand the real need and provide a cost-effective design considering size and shape. We offer architecturally pleasant design consulting with the client and make adjustment on the design drawings that fits the client’s requirement.

2) Structural Engineering:

Old building space sometimes requires the existing building to review and reinforce structurally. In cases where the tenant improvement is to be performed on an old building, a structural engineer visits the site for condition assessment. Based on the structural condition, a structural engineer designs the reinforcement required for the occupancy.

3) Electrical Engineering:

Upon review of the site, electrical engineer designs electrical distribution, power supply, alarm and lighting systems. As per client’s requirement, additionally, electrical engineer designs communication systems and aesthetical light fixtures.

4) Mechanical Engineering:

As a part of the tenant improvement, mechanical engineer designs mechanical systems including HVAC, plumbing and controls systems. If the tenant improvement is done for a restaurant project, the mechanical engineer also designs makeup air unit (MAU), commercial sink, kitchen exhaust, grease interceptors, commercial dishwasher drainage systems, etc.

If you are a tenant looking for a space for your business, we can offer to review any potential space to ensure that it suits your need and the place can be turned into your successful business place. To work with a professional engineering and consulting team, contact with MR Engineering.