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Engineering and Legal Survey


It is a norm to engage a realtor or real estate agent during the selling transaction of any property. Although the realtors are charging a handsome royalty of the profit gain, they ensure peace of mind for the buyers who invest their hard-earned money. Talking about the residential property, if in particular, the buyers are looking for an old and renovated house, it is imperative to ensure that the physical built has the structural integrity. Realtors, being a mid-stake-holder, need to engage an engineering firm to assess the integrity. Furthermore, no buying or selling transaction is possible without an RPR or an updated version for old houses. Here comes the need to engage a legal survey firm. Commercial properties, be it a greenfield or brownfield, have further requirements. For greenfield properties, geotechnical investical is required to know the physical properties of soil earthworks and foundations for proposed structures and for the repair of distress to earthworks and structures caused by subsurface conditions. Environmental Site Assessment helps us to determine if there is any contamination in the property. Realtors dealing with barren land need to know further about the topographic condition of the property and the existence of underground utilities. A knowledgeable realtor would involve an engineering and legal survey firm to deliver these analyses in a timely and cost-effective manner. Over the year, MR Engineering has been a trusted partner for realtors working in residential, commercial sectors or dealing with barren land transactions, providing a one-stop solution with its multi-disciplinary capabilities.

Residential Services

MR Engineering offers a range of residential services that can help realtors sell properties quicker and with assurance to the buyer. One of our top services for residential realtors is the Real Property Report (RPR), a legal document in the form of a plan illustrating the various physical features of the property and locations of any visible improvements to the property. With an RPR, one can ensure property compliance with the local codes and regulations, be informed about the boundaries and improvements on the property, and act as a hedge against future liabilities for both the realtor and the selling party.

Another critical service is structural engineering. When selling a house, realtors may need to renovate the property or verify its structural integrity. MR Engineering offers various residential structural engineering services that help realtors. We also offer consultation services to verify the structural integrity and produce verifiable reports for the clients.

Commercial Services

Commercial realtors deal with selling greenfield commercial projects on barren land to selling individual bays or commercial condominiums. MR Engineering is also a proud partner of several commercial realtors and for the right reasons. We offer an array of services to realtors to help them with their commercial property transactions. Here are some of our most renowned commercial services:

  • Blueprint design
  • Legal survey
  • Construction stakeout
  • Topographic survey
  • Structural engineering
  • HVAC/mechanical services
  • Electrical engineering
  • Geotechnical and material testing

Vacant Land Solutions

A significant number of realtors are engaged in selling vacant lands in city outskirts, suburbs and rural areas. As a mid-level stakeholder in the property selling transaction, it is imperative for the realtors to inform the buyer about the topography of the land, slope and wind load, underground utilities, boundary line, environmental concerns. MR Engineering can perform the topographic survey by our experienced Alberta Land Surveyor to uniquely map and identify the terrain features of the land area. The surveyor can accurately identify any existing objects on or near the surface, such as buildings, streets, manholes, walkways, retaining walls, utility poles and trees. Property line stakeout help realtors precisely create a visible line of demarcation of the property’s limits to identify the boundaries—useful to ensure the property complies with the building permit requirements. Plus, this stakeout helps the realtor and concerned parties measure the total land area of the property for the correct costing calculation. Our environmental engineering can perform Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I, II, III ) to identify the contamination level of contamination of the land and the suitability of building a new structure on it.

During property transactions, the realtor must know the property inside out and keep the property buyer in the loop regarding any problems with the property. MR Engineering can help realtors get there and sell the property without any worries. Contact us now to know more about our services for realtors.