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The Future of Lot Grading: Balancing Development and Environmental Sustainability in Edmonton


As Edmonton continues to grow, the need for responsible land development is increasingly critical. Lot grading, a crucial step in construction projects, plays a significant role in shaping our city’s landscape. However, traditional grading methods can sometimes come at the cost of environmental sustainability.

MR Engineering is committed to finding a balance between progress and preservation. This blog post will explore the future of lot grading in Edmonton, emphasizing the technical aspects and importance of lot grading certificates in ensuring effective drainage solutions.

Understanding Lot Grading and Certification

Lot grading serves the purpose of ensuring effective water drainage away from buildings, which ultimately benefits property owners. In Edmonton and surrounding communities, the process is overseen by a recognized Alberta Land Surveyor. The surveyor is responsible for producing the Lot Grading Certificate, which starts with stake-out, accordingly soil deposition and field measurement. This certificate is crucial for obtaining approval from the appropriate city or municipal authority.

Inspection Process

Upon submission of the Lot Grading Certificate, a city or municipal inspector conducts a site inspection and issues an inspection report. The approved lot grading plan specifies proposed design elevations for each lot. To pass the grading inspection, the final lot grading must align with the design elevations within the permissible range of tolerance. Hence, this report determines whether the site grade has been approved (Passed) or if there are deficiencies (Failed). 

Lot Grading Certificate Process

Lot grading is an essential facet of municipal requirements as it ensures a good drainage  system for any property and its adjacent surroundings.  Here at MR, our target clientele are homeowners, landscapers and residential builders. Some of the scopes are as follows:

Lot Grading Consultation

Rough/Final Grade Stakes

Rough Grading Survey & Certificate

Final Grading Survey & Certificate

Types of Property

The Lot Grading Certificate process involves specific considerations for various property types, including:

  • Single front attached garage houses
  • Single rear attached garage houses
  • Single rear detached garage houses
  • Half duplexes
  • Row townhouses
  • Infill single detached garage houses
  • Zero lot detached garage houses
  • Industrial parks
  • Commercial complexes
  • Schools

MR Engineering: Leading the Way in Lot Grading

At MR Engineering, we understand the intricacies of lot grading and the importance of certification in ensuring effective drainage solutions for Edmonton’s development projects. Our commitment to sustainable practices includes working closely with Alberta Land Surveyors to deliver accurate Lot Grading Certificates that meet municipal standards.

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Building a Sustainable Future Together

By embracing precise lot grading practices and certification, Edmonton can ensure responsible growth while protecting our precious environment. MR Engineering is proud to be a part of this vital conversation and looks forward to assisting clients who share our commitment to a sustainable future.

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