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From Concept to Creation: Pharmacy Design-Build Project at IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic



MR Engineering understands the intricacies of crafting exceptional healthcare facilities. A prime example is our successful design-build project for IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic. This project perfectly illustrates the collaborative approach and comprehensive service we provide.

Building a Healthcare Hub: Understanding the Needs

The initial phase involved in-depth consultations with the team at IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic. We explored their vision for the space, ensuring the design adhered to all relevant healthcare standards. Key considerations included:

  • Optimizing Patient Experience: Creating a welcoming and accessible environment that fosters trust and facilitates efficient service.
  • Ensuring Staff Workflow: Designing a layout that optimizes staff movement and medication dispensing processes.
  • Strict Adherence to Regulations: Navigating the specific building codes and healthcare safety regulations governing the project.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise: Bringing the Vision to Life

Leveraging our multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities, MR Engineering delivered a comprehensive package for IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic. This included:

  • Electrical Design: Our electrical engineers crafted a detailed electrical site plan, lighting plan with a schedule, single line diagram, power and auxiliary plan, fire alarm details, and a panel schedule.
  • Mechanical Design: Our mechanical engineers ensured a functional and efficient building with their design for the water distribution system, heating and ventilation (HVAC) plan, and a sanitary and plumbing plan with a comprehensive flow diagram.

This multi-faceted approach ensured all aspects of the pharmacy and medical clinic were meticulously considered and integrated seamlessly.

Streamlined Efficiency: The Advantages of Design-Build

As with all our design-build projects, the IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic benefited from several key advantages:

  • Clear Communication: A single point of contact throughout the project ensured clear communication and minimized potential delays or misunderstandings.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By collaborating at the initial stages, design and construction phases were optimized, leading to a project that stayed within budget constraints.
  • Faster Completion: The design-build approach eliminated the need for separate design and construction tenders, resulting in a quicker project turnaround.

A Space Designed for Care

Through meticulous planning, collaborative execution, and a commitment to quality, MR Engineering delivered a pharmacy and medical clinic that exceeded expectations. The final design not only met all healthcare regulations but also created a space that:

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Provided a welcoming and accessible environment that fostered trust and facilitated efficient service.
  • Optimized Staff Workflow: Ensured a layout that optimized staff movement and medication dispensing processes.
  • Reflected the Clinic’s Values: Offered a design that seamlessly integrated with the IDA Pharmacy and Medical Clinic’s brand identity.

Building the Future of Healthcare with MR Engineering

MR Engineering is a dedicated partner in creating exceptional healthcare facilities. Our design-build expertise ensures a smooth transition from concept to creation, delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that cater to the specific needs of both staff and patients.

Contact us today to discuss your vision for your next healthcare project and experience the seamless and efficient approach of MR Engineering’s design-build services.