Structural Design & Engineering for Support Structure for Solar Panels



MR Engineering was retained by it’s client for structural design and engineering of support structures/skids for couple of solar panel masts. The solar panel had sizes of 78.5 in x 39.4 in x 1.38 in and weight of 53lb and was mounted onto a steel pipe. The client was looking for an alternative support structure for the poles to go onto instead of having it going into the ground. Essentially an above ground structure or skid was preferred. The solar panels were set up vertically to capture most sun during the year round, with the panels running more continuously in the winter. MR Engineering provided design and engineering services for the skid structure for supporting the Simark EFOY solar panels as per the industry standards.

Project Location:
Kakwa 11-04-61-05 W6M
Resthaven 01-10-60-02-W6M

Scope of Work:
Structural Engineering