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Every installation in your house comes down to whether it is done correctly. This is how you can ensure that your house is safe to live in. HVAC installations aren’t any different. These installations are typically more permanent and require a legal building permit when say, installing a furnace or removing an air conditioner. Not getting a permit wouldn’t be the wisest of choices as they come with legal repercussions, which you would rather avoid. Hence, make sure you reach out to a licensed contractor that will provide you with a hassle-free permit. Here are the main pointers that your HVAC contractor must remember while getting a permit. 

What Do Permits Provide?

Before talking about getting permits, contractors should know what they can expect from a permit. The following points will give you an idea of what a permit provides.

  • After obtaining a permit, contractors can get access to an expert before they make any costly mistakes. 
  • The permit displays the record of having done the due diligence to comply with the codes and standards.
  • This informs the jurisdiction responsible for administering the Safety Codes Act that the project is taking place. 
  • Contractors can ask for an inspection by a trained and certified safety code officer.

Where to Get a Permit?

In Alberta, contractors can get permits through municipalities that are accredited to administer the Safety Codes Act. They can also get permits from agencies that provide inspection services on behalf of non accredited municipalities. 

How Can Contractors Get an HVAC Permit?

For Licensed Contractors

If the contractor is unlicensed, they cannot apply for a permit. Practising without a license entails breaking the law. Hence, producing a license is essential to applying for a permit. Also, when licensed contractors don’t pull permits, this can threaten their license. 

For Contractors with an Online Account

With an online account, contractors at Edmonton can apply for permits and request inspections online here. If not, they can apply for the following steps mentioned below.  

Steps to Get a Permit

Complete the contractors’ Heating and Ventilation permit application. If you have additional furnace replacements and basement developments, complete those individual applications as well. Email them to HVACTechDesk@edmonton.ca

How to Avoid Additional Fees?

Additional fees are charged typically when a few of the items are missing. Here are some of the things to remember that can charge you additional fees: 

  • If you have no address on site, building or suite as applicable 
  • If the inspector is unable to access the building meant to be inspected 
  • If the project is not ready for inspection when the officer is already there to inspect it 
  • If an inspection has been called again without correcting the previous deficiency 

A licensed contractor barely turns a blind eye to anything where permits are concerned. Yet, even a single thing amiss can cost you. The key is getting a good licensed professional to do your bidding. Our contractors at MR Engineering maintain the legal protocols to provide you with hassle-free permits. Reach out to us for more information.