Water Resources Engineering

MR Engineering employs professional engineers and highly qualified specialists to provide water resources services and uses state-of-the-art modelling analysis and design tools for water management in urban, rural, industrial and mining projects.

Hydrological and hydraulic studies: hydraulic modelling, watershed analysis, water balance, hydrological impact assessment, environmental flow assessment. Applying industry standard softwares:

  • Hydraulic modelling: HEC-RAS (1D/2D), Telemac 2D/3D; River2D, MIKE 11/21FM
  • Hydrological modelling: HEC-HMS, SWMM, XPSWMM

Stormwater management: planning and design, site development, drainage, LID design

Mine site water management: operational and closure drainage system

Pipeline: crossing, pipeline spill hazard assessment

Hydrotechnical designs: diversion systems, weirs, gates, culverts, bridges, intake, outfall, ponds, and wetlands design

Flood hazard: risk mapping and mitigation

Dam and Dyke: breach analysis and hazard mapping

Rivers and Streams: river engineering, stream restoration design, nature-like fishway, fish habitat assessment, habitat compensation, morphological assessment

Erosion and Sediment Control: riprap design, ESC plan, river bank erosion risk assessment, erosion protection design

Planning and coordinating hydrographic surveys: data management, spatial data analysis using GIS software


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