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Environmental Engineering Commercial | Industrial

As the global stewardship emerges towards stringent environmental awareness, assessment of potential environmental effects serves as a framework in the planning of sustainable development. Be it an industrial infrastructure or a commercial land-use project, our environmental engineers work relentlessly to identify and assess the risks pertaining to environmental contamination in soil, water or sediments.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is primarily defined as a systematic qualitative process to assess the environmental liabilities of a site. The assessment is tiered into three major phases. Phase I ESA is to determine if evidence of potential or actual contamination exists in connection with a site, which may be present as a result of current or past activities on the site or neighbouring properties. The scope of work is a non-intrusive investigation which involves reviewing of historical records, interviews with relevant personnel, site visit and evaluation of information & report. It’s only a revelation of potential sources of contamination in Phase I that leads to Phase II verification by sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater. A Phase III ESA is undertaken when the contamination is confirmed to exist at a particular site.

How we offer to help:

  • ESA Phase I for commercial or industrial real estate acquisition and banking reliability
  • ESA Phase II for identifying the presence of any adverse environmental impact due to the previous occupancy on a particular property.
  • ESA Phase III for cleaning-up/remediation of an existing liability on a property due to the migration off the contamination to the adjacent property or an order from a regulatory agency.

Geotechnical Engineering Services - Commercial | Industrial

Geotechnical Engineering division of MR Engineering provides an in-depth assessment of the behaviour of earth material, geotechnical testing, analysis, interpretation and design. MR Engineering has an experienced Geotechnical Engineering team who delivers state-of-the-art engineering solutions for a wide range of geotechnical engineering problems.

How we offer to help:

Geotechnical Investigation

A geotechnical investigation is undertaken to determine the soil profile and groundwater status within the footprint of any proposed infrastructure. Based on the findings, recommendations are suggested for foundation design of the structure and underground utilities. Geotechnical investigation may consist of:

  • Conducting desk study, field reconnaissance, geological mapping and analyzing.
  • Contacting with Alberta One Call and a private locator to locate underground utilities
  • Borehole drilling based on drill rig accessibility, site topography and existing site utilities
  • Field sampling via drilling, coring, test pitting, Shelby Tube sampling, and SPT tube sampling
  • Conducting SPT, CPT, Field Vane Shear Test, field load test, groundwater measurement, and other testing techniques as required
  • Conducting Standard, advanced, and custom-designed lab tests on field samples
  • Installing geotechnical instruments and monitoring field performance
  • Submitting geotechnical report with recommendations


Geotechnical Design

In MR Engineering, we provide cost effective design solutions for a wide range of engineering structures including buildings, land developments, commercial and industrial infrastructures, roads and embankments. Some of our services are:  

  • Foundation design including shallow and deep foundation (footings, piles, rafts)
  • Design and monitoring of short-term shoring for excavations
  • Rigid and flexible pavements design for residential and industrial applications
  • Embankment and retaining wall design


Geotechnical Analysis and Interpretation

In MR Engineering, we use sophisticated software and modeling tools for analyzing and interpreting complex geotechnical engineering problems. Our professional team provides:

  • Bearing capacity and deformation analysis for footings, rafts, piles, caissons, and anchors
  • Slope stability analysis of natural and man-made slopes including excavations, embankments, dams, and fills
  • Settlement and land slide analysis, interpretation and recommending remedial measures


Ground improvement and solution

In MR Engineering, our geotechnical engineering team provides cost effective ground improvement solutions for problematic soil. Our services are:

  • Site investigation and characterization for problematic soil for various kind of projects
  • Design of geo-structures on, within, or with problematic soils and rocks
  • Design and evaluation of ground improvement for soft soils, soft or fractured rocks and other problematic ground conditions


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